Why you should stay in Milwaukee for Green Bay Packer’s Games

Wait, Milwaukee? The game is in Green Bay?

Yeah it is, but are you going to a game, or are you going on a trip to see a game? You should get the most out of your entire experience if you are making the journey all the way to Wisconsin! Staying in Milwaukee maximizes your whole weekend, and did we mention it could save you some big bucks?!

Flying into Green Bay can be super pricey, and good luck trying to find a convenient flight time. By flying into Milwaukee’s International Airport, you could end up saving yourself a couple hundred dollars!


Well, that makes sense, but why not fly into Milwaukee and stay in Green Bay?

Put it this way, finding a hotel room in Green Bay isn’t the easiest thing to do… and if you can, it’s going to cost you some good coin.  Trust us, these hotels in Green Bay know when the Packers are in town.  We find the hotels in Milwaukee are not only less expensive, but quite frankly, they have more to offer!

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We all like to save money, but doesn’t the saying go, “you pay for what you get?”

Welllllll, what if I told you, you are only steps away from the beautiful Lake Michigan shorefront, world renown breweries like Pabst Mansion (because who doesn’t love a good beer),  shops down the Milwaukee RiverWalk,  and countless museums including the Harley Davidson Museum.   Don’t worry about going hungry either – Milwaukee is a foodie’s heaven.  It doesn’t matter if you’re craving a steak, seafood, or just a good ole american burger, Milwaukee is proud of all it’s culinary offerings, rightfully so.  When it comes to finding something to do or somewhere good to eat, Milwaukee tramples Green Bay.

Milwaukee sounds awesome, but aren’t we forgetting about the game?

Not to worry, we have the transportation all figured out.  We have a game day motor-coach, which picks up conveniently near our downtown Milwaukee hotels, drop customers off at an incredible, all inclusive pre-game tailgate at Brett Farve’s steakhouse, and then takes everyone back to Milwaukee after the game.  Roughly a one and half hour one way trip, we make the transportation simple and seamless in the comfort of our deluxe motor-coach.  

So Milwaukee is the move, huh?

Just a quick recap:

  • Save Money
  • Nicer Selection of Hotels
  • Unlimited Beer and Breweries
  • RiverWalk Shopping
  • Incredible Museums
  • Shorefront Dining

It’s a no brainer.  Get the most of your money and have an incredible experience! We will see you there!

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