Field Suites at AT&T Stadium

Looking for the most luxurious option at AT&T Stadium to enjoy the Cowboys? The best option that will give you the ultimate Cowboys experience, other than sitting in Jerry’s personal suite, are the field suites. Tickets to the field suites give you many extras, like upgraded food and drink options, and you’ll have access to incredible areas of the stadium that aren’t available to other ticket holders.

Miller Lite Club:


The Miller Lite Club is a 10,000 square foot bar area where you can enjoy watching the game on TV’s that surround the club area. Access to the Miller Lite Club is also unmatched because you’ll get to watch the players run out onto the field prior to the game! Imagine watching your favorites, like Dez Bryant and Tony Romo prepare to run onto the field before the other fans even get to see them!


Not only will you have seats in the field suites, you’ll also have access to Club Hall of Fame seating above the suites. The Club Hall of Fame seats are great quality, not only are the padded and wider to give you more elbow room, they also have a noticeable amount of leg room so you can be as comfortable as possible while enjoying the game! Your seats in the field suites give you an unmatched vantage point of the field. Although you might not be able to see the entire field as well as you can from above, those touchdown moments are extra special because you can see the catches right in front of your eyes!


With your Field Suite tickets not only do you have access to the Club Hall of Fame and and the Miller Lite Club, you’ll also have all inclusive in-suite food and drinks! So you don’t have to wait in those long concession stand lines, instead you’ll have gourmet food brought right to your seat! With this upgrade you won’t have to miss even a minute of the action to beat the lines during the game! Then once the game has ended, you’ll have access to the field to take pictures and to top off your entire trip!


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