Best Seats At Soldier Field

Headed to Soldier Field for a Chicago Bears game but have no idea where to sit? We’ve got you covered. Our experts have put together a selection of the best seats at Soldier Field to ensure you have the greatest experience on your trip!

Seating Chart



Best Seats In The House

United Club: Sections 206-212 and 306-312

View From Section 209

Get the best experience in the stadium in United Club seating where you have the luxury of sitting in a climate controlled indoor lounge. A variety of food and beverages are offered. This section also includes a private lounge featuring a Bears Pro Shop, eight full-service bars, two open-air kitchens, specialty drink stations, various concessions and high-end food selections in addition to 127 indoor TVs so you can enjoy the action no matter where you are standing! Sitting in this section also promises complimentary autographed memorabilia drawing every game day and roster cards.

Most Popular 

100 Level Seats: Sections 106-112, 133-141

View From Lower Level 50 yard line

These field seats are the most popular vantage point to see Jay Culter and his Bears shape and implement each play. The 106-112 section seats are located right behind the visitors bench so if you’re a visiting team fan these are a great option for you! The 133-141 section seats are located right behind the Bears bench so if you’re a bears fan you’ll have the ultimate experience from these seats. Both of these sideline sections are great options if you’re looking to be up close to the action, because from here you won’t miss a thing!

Most Popular On A Budget

200 Level Seats: Sections 233-241

The 200 level seats provide a cheaper option at Soldier Field. From these seats you’ll be able to see the entire field, instead of being up close you’ll have an excellent vantage point to see down the entire field. If you’re looking to stick to your budget while still experience some incredible views of the field, these are definitely a great option!

Just Get Me In The Door

Upper Level Seats: Sections 334-340 and 435-439

View From 437
View From 437

300 and 400 level seats are the most affordable at Soldier Field. These seats still provide an enjoyable game day experience. Since Soldier Field is a smaller venue, these seats are closer and have slightly better views than most upper level stadium seats. Along with the two jumbotrons in the stadium you won’t miss a minute of the excitement! If you’re looking to stay under budget and get the absolute Bears experience then these are for you!

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