Travel Tip: Flight Aware

One of our biggest pet peeves is arriving at the airport to pick someone up and then having to wait until their flight lands because it arrives later than you anticipated. That’s when we came across a website called Flight Aware, and it revolutionized the way we traveled and picked up travelers.

flight is a global aviation software and data service company. In other words, it is currently the largest flight tracking website of private and commercial flights in the world!

FlightAware is the first website to offer free flight tracking of both private and commercial aircrafts in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It is an extremely easy way to track your flights, or the flights of your family and friends making it unbelievably easy to navigate the airport when picking someone up or dropping them off at their correct gate. Users have the option to track a flight either by airline and flight number or flight origin and destination. In addition to the flight tracking, FlightAware also provides flight and airport maps with weather, aviation statistics, online pilot flight planning, airport information, and airport fuel prices for pilots. allows users to enter by airport and see:

  • A list of all aircraft inbound, outbound, or scheduled to be inbound/outbound
  • A map of the area with radar weather overlay
  • A graph of operations at that airport
  • Links to airport information

Users can also search by flight number or aircraft registration and are provided with:

  • Proposed departure and arrival times
  • Actual departure and arrival times
  • Proposed and actual altitude
  • Proposed and actual airspeed
  • Four month history of that flight or aircraft
  • Time elapsed and time remaining
  • Filed route

flightawarewebHow Do I Get It?

Users are given the chance to register with the site for free, which adds features and functionality as well as the ability to participate in community features. Registration allows users to upload photos, submit aviation-related news, participate in discussion forums, and setup aircraft alerts in addition to numerous other features. FlightAware currently serves over 300 million flight tracking pages to over 5 million users.

At Your Fingertipsflightawareapp

FlightAware not only maintains an extremely user-friendly website, but they also have an app available across nine different smartphone platforms including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc. The app allows you to track the real-time flight status and tracking map of any commercial flight worldwide as well as tracking aviation (private, charter, etc) in the US and Canada. You can also program your app to notify you when a certain flight lands in addition to any delays, cancellations, gate changes, and diversions. FlightAware will make your travels easier wherever you are!