Travel Tip: Best Travel Apps

Traveling to any city can be intimidating at times, and at times can feel impossible without a little help from technology. Here at Fandeavor we know how it can be traveling to a new place, so we have put together a list of a few of the best cell phone apps to help make your travels easier:


Uber, everyone’s private driver, is an app that is available for any smart phone. This app makes transportation to and from any destination just a click away. Just download the app, create an account to make logging in easier in the future, and request a vehicle of any size or class! To understand how this app works in further detail, click here.


Recommendations from locals on where to eat, drink, and play

With more than 5,000 of the country’s best bars, restaurants, shops and places, Localeur gives you a much more authentic, credible array of recommendations than anything you’ll find on cluttered, anonymous review sites. Localeur gives you all of the knowledge of a true local in major cities around the country including: Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York City, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, DC. Localeur helps you to find all of the best places in your own city or any city you plan to travel to. This app allows you to save favorites, make to-go lists, check out the places your friends love, and add your own recommendations! The experts at Fandeavor strive to make #allyourtravel at your fingertips and Localeur helps you enjoy seamless navigation across thousands of local recommendations!

Southwest, American, United, oh my!american-airlines-app-icon

Southwest, American, United, Iberia, RyanAir, etc… all have their own app at your fingertips. With each airline’s mobile app you have access to checking in, booking/changing/cancelling your flight, boarding passes, flight status, helpful airport information and much more. Rather than wandering around the airport trying to get information, download your airline’s app to help you travel more efficiently.

Additionally each airline typically has a way to build up your miles. Many people tend to ignore the option to get an account for a miles program. This is very easy to do and in the long run, saves you money. By singing up for a mileage program, on your airline of choice, you can begin accumulating miles, which will ultimately help you acquire a free flight. If you sign up for this program, with any airline, let the experts at Fandeavor know upon your next travel package purchase, and we will apply your mileage code to ensure your accumulation of miles upon every flight.

WiFi Mapwifi map

Passwords for free wireless internet access

WiFi Map is the largest WiFi community in the App Store with free hotspots, passwords and comments from real people. In over 100,000 cities all over the world, WiFI Map provides local access to WiFi hotspots and passwords worldwide, smart search by the café, map navigation, and allows you to search by your location for the nearest hotspot. This is a great way to remain connected to your friends, family and the Web especially when traveling abroad. Typically when people travel abroad they ten to turn off their data and rely solely on WiFi connection for communication. This app helps you find the places with Internet access right at your fingertips.

GlobeConvertglobe convert

Currency and Units Converter

GlobeConvert not only helps travels to convert between currencies, but also temperature, pressure, weight, volume, length, time, etc… Currency converter contains 190+ commonly used and rarely used currencies and updates exchange rates online and on-the-go. This app also allows you to save your favorite presets so you can use them quickly and easily when needed. Conversions are important to have right at your fingertips especially when traveling globally to avoid being up-charged in unfamiliar places.

iTranslateitranslate app icon

Translate in 90+ languages

iTranslate is an award winning translation tool that helps you break down language barriers. With its state of the art technology you can speak any language in a second. iTranslate also provides a voice input option so you can both speak into the app to translate or have someone else talk into the app to translate for you. Most translator apps give you only 1 result per translation; however, if you are translating words and phrases there are often different meanings, depending on the context. iTranslate gives you dictionaries for many languages so you can find the exact solution your problem!