The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Die-hard Fan

Know someone with a major birthday coming up? Are you and your spouse celebrating a milestone anniversary? Can’t find the perfect gift for your that special someone?


If you have as much trouble shopping for people as we do, chances are you’ve probably already spent days upon days searching the internet and pinning everything possible on Pinterest. You’ve probably already begged all of your friends and family for help on Facebook or Twitter. Hey, who knows, you might have gone straight to the point of downright asking the person what the heck it is they want. To top it off, you’re probably super tight on how many days you have left to shop until the big day, are we right?

Not to worry, you can finally take a breath and relax, we’re about to let you in on a little secret. At Fandeavor, we’ve finally come up with the solution to your shopping whoas. The days of panicking and resorting to a last-minute gift card from the grocery store are finally over. We’ve gone ahead and done all the homework for you on our end. All we need from you is an idea of what your loved one is passionate about and we’ll take it from there.

What Fandeavor Can Do For YouGift Ideas for the Spouse

With an unlimited amount of options, our Gameday Experts can provide you with a wide variety of experiences to choose from. Whether your loved one is a die-hard NASCAR fan, the ultimate NFL fan, or a major European Soccer fan, we’ve got you covered. If standing on the field of your loved one’s favorite stadium is a must, we can do that. If meeting a professional athlete is on his or her bucket lis, we can do that. We’re not kidding you when we say the list of options we can provide for that someone special is endless!

Pre-Built Packages

Don’t know much about the sport that special someone is crazy about? No need to freak out, just let one of our Gameday Experts know what the sport is and what time of year you’d like to attend an event, and we’ll take care of the rest!

If your loved one is a die-hard NASCAR fan, you can take a look at the AMAZING packages we’ve custom built for some of NASCAR’s biggest races! Is football or baseball more your loved one’s thing? No worries, we’ve got some of the best tailgate and stadium tour packages available! Our 49ers Packages and Cowboys Packages are an NFL fan’s ultimate dream!

And with the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup coming up soon, our Gameday Experts, have really gone all out on those packages! Our Marketing & PR girl isn’t even a soccer fan, and she’s already got her bags packed for CanadaTake a look for yourself and see what we have to offer!


Custom Build Your Own Amazing Experience

One of the most unique things about our company is that we allow our customers the freedom to come up with just about anything they want. They can throw out the first pitch at a MLB game or they can tour the Dallas Cowboys Locker Room. No matter what it is they desire, we can make it happen. By giving our customers the ability to create their own personal and unique experiences, we’re giving them the ability to create lifelong memories. These packages aren’t something you can just go and buy at the store, they’re something special and one-of-a-kind, things people will never forget. Go ahead, start building the perfect (and exclusive!) gift experience.

How Can I Surprise My Loved One With The Ultimate Gift?

We’re constantly working with our customers to come up with new and exciting ways to surprise their loved ones with their ultimate gifts. We’ve made announcements on Facebook and Twitter, we’ve put messages on jumbotrons, we’ve even hand delivered special packages. Once you and one of our Gameday Experts have come up with the perfect gift, we’ll help you figure out the perfect way to give that special someone his or her ultimate gift!

Fandeavor Announcement
Fandeavor Fan Experience Announced on Jumbotron at ASU Home Game.

The Gift I’m Shopping For Has To Be PERFECT! How Can I Trust Your Gameday Experts?

Gameday Experts

At Fandeavor, we take serious pride in providing our customers with maximum expertise. Our Gameday Experts are thoroughly trained in traveling around the world to some of the most amazing sporting events and venues. We’ve taken our time perfecting each and every pre-built experience we’ve ever created. We’ve done our homework and personally experienced each package we’ve put together. We’ve talked to the locals, ate and drank at their favorite bars and restaurants, tested the quickest transportation methods, and we’ve partied at all the greatest events they’ve let us in for!

You can put your faith in the fact that our Gameday Experts will do everything in their power to guarantee you and your loved one will have the experience of a lifetime. From the time you start shopping with us, you’ll immediately feel the ease of letting our Gameday Experts take care of everything you need. So like I said before, you can finally sit back, breathe, and relax. Our Gameday Experts got you on this one. If reviews are more your thing, you can also take it from the horse’s mouth. Check out some of our Fan Stories here. Go ahead, trust me on this, contact one of our Gameday Experts and see for yourself.

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