Best Seats at Levi’s Stadium

Never been to Levi’s Stadium? Want to know which Club Section is best? Or if food and drinks come with your tickets?

Levi’s Stadium is one of the newest stadiums in the NFL and chances are you haven’t had the chance to enjoy a game there yet. Not to worry, we’ll give you the expert advice on what’s good so you can catch Kaepernick from the best seats in the house!

Levi’s Stadium is located in Santa Clara, California, which is 45 minutes south of San Francisco. The stadium seats 68,500 fans, and features 165 luxury suites and 9,000 club seats. Two-thirds of the fans sit in the lower bowl area. It’s one of the largest NFL stadiums with this set up. Not to mention, seats in the first row put you just 10 feet from the field!

Now for the info you’ve been endlessly searching for… what are the best seats at Levi’s Stadium?


 VIP Experience

BNY Mellon Club

The BNY Mellon Club is by far the best place to watch a game at Levi’s Stadium! These club seats are located on the 50 yard line on the 100 level on both sides of the field. Fans seated in the BNY Mellon Club can actually walk onto a VIP section on the field and get up close to the players. BNY Mellon Club seats feature all-inclusive food and beverage options (alcohol included), wider cushioned seating and of course exclusive access to both BNY Mellon Club Lounges!

Sections: C138 (49ers Sidelines) & C115 (Visitors Sidelines)
Includes: Access to the BNY Mellon Club and all-inclusive gourmet food, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages

 Premium Comfort

The United Club

The United Club area is the largest club section in Levi’s Stadium. Located in the 100s level and with 44,000 square feet of space on the 49ers side, the main selling point for having seats in this section, is that it’s one of the only two sections that gives you access to both the United Club Lounge and the Yahoo Fantasy Football Club Lounge. The rest of the club seats only give you access to their corresponding club lounges.

Sections: C135-C141
Includes: Access to the United Club, and also gives you access to the United Club and Yahoo Fantasy Football Club

  Most Popular

100 Level Corner

If you’re looking for some great seats, but don’t necessarily need the upscale club amenities, then the lower level corner and endzone sections are where you want to be! Located in the 100 level, you’ll still be within 35 rows of the field. Fans in these lower level corner or endzone seats will be lucky enough to hear the cracking of the helmets and the whistles blowing, as these sections provide a GREAT view of the game.

Sections: 107-110, 120-123, 131-134, 142-145

Most Popular On A Budget

200 Level Endzone

View From Section 229
View From Section 229

The 200 level end zone seats are incredible seats if you’re looking to spend a little less but still have an incredible view of the field. From these seats you’ll be able to see all of the amazing touchdown passes and the action, including the always entertaining, touchdown dances.

Sections: 201-206 and 226-231

 Just Get Me In The Door

400 Level Sideline

View From Section 412
View From Section 412

The sidelines on the 400 level are your best option if keeping things on a budget is a must. Whether its your first NFL game or you plan an annual sports trip, this is the place for you. Most fans get a little taken back by the fact that these seats are only located on the visitors side, but fear not, you’ll still be seated in a sea of red.

Sections: 409-414

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