Tailgating at Cowboys Stadium


With one of the most passionate fan bases and biggest, most spectacular home stadiums, the Dallas Cowboys – commonly referred to as “America’s Team” – provide one of the best tailgating scenes in the country. No matter what kind of delicious pre-game grub you plan on cooking up, prepare for a unforgettable party before every Dallas Cowboys home game alongside some friendly tailgating neighbors. Here are a few tips to make your Cowboys tailgate a hit!

1. Get to the Stadium as Early as Possible

The Stadium lots generally open five hours before kickoff, while the private lots open 4-6 hours before the start of the game. No matter where you are going, you’ll want to get there as soon as the gates open to claim your ideal tailgating spot and to give yourself plenty of time to set up, cook and tear everything down.

2. Go for the Private Lots Over the Stadium Lots

Though the private lots are further away and will give you a longer walk to the stadium, they are much better for tailgating in almost every other way. Not only are the private lots generally cheaper, but they also contain more tailgate-friendly spots and fewer restrictions. You can even book your parking and tailgating spot online to make gameday even easier.

3. Buy Alcohol in Advance 

Texans love to party, but on Sundays Texas law prohibits the sale of packaged beer or wine before noon. This means you’ll have to buy your adult beverages during the week to prepare for the big game. A Cowboys tailgate just isn’t the same without some cold ones.

4. Prep Food in Advance 

You obviously won’t be able to prep all of your food the night before, but the more the better. This will save on cooking time, which will give you more time to set up, clean up and get over to the stadium in time for kickoff.

5. Have Fun Cheering on the Cowboys

Sometimes planning a big tailgate, pulling off a fun pregame party and getting every cleaned up in time can be stressful, but just remember to have fun no matter what. You’re one of the lucky few who get to see the Dallas Cowboys live, so even if everything doesn’t go perfectly, don’t sweat it. Football, friends and good food is what tailgating is all about. As long as you enjoy those things, you’ll have a great day tailgating at Cowboys Stadium!