2013 NFL Draft Preview: How Excited Are You?


With the 2013 NFL Draft kicking off tomorrow, fans are getting excited and anxious to see who their favorite team selects as they shape the future of the franchise. Some teams are just a couple of key pieces away from a championship contender and others need a little bit more help, but there’s no doubt that the draft is a joyous day for everyone. Young football players’ dreams come true, organizations look to build a winner and fans get to see their team take a stride in the right direction.

While last year’s class was stacked with high-profile stars (Andrew Luck, RG III), the 2013 class is notably short on big names. However, there is just as much talent in the new class. That talent just happens to be at less glamorous positions.

The 2013 class is loaded with premier talent along the offensive line and defensive side of the ball. Three of the projected top five picks are offensive tackles and most of the first round selections are expected to be defensive players. There are still a few strong QBs sprinkled in the 2013 class as well, including Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, Ryan Nassib and Landry Jones.

Then, as always, there’s the juicy storylines. Which teams will take a chance on Manti Te’o, Marcus Lattimore and Tyrann Mathieu? We know they’ll get drafted, but it will be interesting to see which round they get picked in and which teams will be bold enough to make those kinds of riskier picks.

Fortunately, we’ll find the answers to these burning questions and more when the 2013 NFL Draft gets underway tomorrow. The Kansas City Chiefs will be on the clock in less than 24 hours, so it’s time to get pumped up! Who will your favorite team pick in the first round? And…here’s a burning question we have for you:

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