NBA Mid-Season Review: 5 Things We Learned


As the NBA enters the All-Star break this weekend, we can officially close the book on the first half of the regular season and what a first half it was. Fans had plenty of great stories, fantastic basketball games and a few surprises sprinkled in to keep them satisfied, yet craving for more. Fortunately, there is another half season and postseason still to be played, but it’s always nice during this point in the year to reflect on a few things we’ve learned about the league and the current season. Here are five:

1. The Throne is Still Occupied 

After reaching the top of the NBA mountain by winning the championship last year, LeBron James and the Miami Heat haven’t slowed down, skipped a beat, taken time off, or really given anyone else in the Eastern Conference any hope of dethroning them this year. James is performing at a career-high level this season, as he posted a record-setting streak of six games with 30 or more points and better than 60% field goal shooting just as the Heat coasted into the All-Star break with a seven-game win streak of their own. At 36-14, the Heat are four games ahead of the Knicks for first place in the East and are still looking down at their loyal subjects. So, what does the forecast for a repeat title in South Beach look like? Clear skies and a small chance of rain on the Heat’s never-ending parade.

2. Big Offseason Signings Don’t Always Equal Success

The Los Angeles Lakers were – as usual – the big talk of the offseason. After scooping up Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, many were already handing the 2013 championship trophy to Kobe Byrant and Co. Considering the Lakers are 25-29 at the moment and are in 10th place in the West, needless to say, things haven’t gone according to plan in L.A. A lack of team chemistry and cohesion, coupled with a slew of devastating injuries has led to a massive disappointment in 2012-2013 for the Lakers, proving once again that you can’t count your chickens before they hatch.

3. The Clippers Are For Real

With the Lakers sputtering, the Clippers have taken over the City of Angels, coasting into the break with a 39-17 record – good for third place in the Western Conference. Minor injuries haven’t prevented the Clippers from rising to elite, title-contender status and with Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, Jamal Crawford and a bevy of talented supporting players, the Clippers could make a serious run this postseason. It’s crazy to think the Clippers were the butt of most NBA jokes a couple of short years ago. No one is laughing now.

4. San Francisco Sports Fans Are Having Too Much Fun

While the Clippers have impressed, the real surprise team of the 2012-2013 regular season has been the Golden State Warriors. We didn’t expect much out of one of the Western Conference’s perpetual doormats, but we can’t wipe our feet on the Warriors anymore. They are 30-22 on the season and are taking aim at some of the favorites. Nothing against San Francisco Bay area sports fans, but can you guys share the wealth a little? First, the Giants win the World Series, then the 49ers make the Super Bowl and now the Warriors are actually good?

5. There’s Still Nothing Like the NBA Experience

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