Top 10 Sports Stories of 2012


2012 was another exciting year for sports. From the grandiose London Summer Olympics to a young Harvard grad playing for the Knicks, this year certainly covered the gambit of stories.

We’ve gone through the stories of 2012 and compiled what we feel are the top ten stories. Here is our list in no particular order.

1. Replacement Refs – If you’re an NFL fan, how could you forget this very dramatic start to this year’s season. They did their best, but were way over their head. The NFL eventually had no choice, but to give in to the real refs.
2. Lebron Get’s his Championship – We’re Lebron fans at Fandeavor, so we were happy to see himself and his team, the Miami Heat get an NBA championship. They were certainly the best team last season.
3. Usian Bolt, Michael Phelps and the Summer Olympics – It was an exciting Olympics, but we feel that Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps were the highlights.

4. NFL Bounty Gate – The NFL made it very clear to all the other 32 teams that “pay for play” behavior will not be accepted. They laid down severe penalties to the Saints, Saints coaches and Saints players.
5. Miguel Cabrera wins Triple Crown – Baseball often goes under the radar, but we felt that Miguel Cabrera’s Triple Crown is a virtual once-in-a-lifetime achivement.
6. Penn State – This year will go down as one of the most memorable in Penn State’s history, and for all the wrong reasons. The fallout of the Jerry Sandusky actions were both severe and saddening.
7. Peyton Manning – The ol’ Sheriff had quiet the roller-coaster year. From being cut, to being signed, to putting up league leading numbers, to being the frontrunner for the NFL MVP.
8. Giants beat the Patriots again to win the Super Bowl – There is just something about the big game that get the Giants to play championship level football. Also, there is something about the Giants when they face up against Tom Brady and the Patriots. Now they just have to figure out how to win the less important games.
9. Linsanity – Jeremy Lin. Before 2012, you could count the number of fans who knew Lin on one hand. He went from being a no-namer, to a constant headliner, to New York star…to a Houston Rocket.
10. Spain defeats Italy in Euro 2012 – In Euro 2012, Spain demonstrated why they are currently the best futbol country. With incredible dribbling, passing and scoring, they were virtually unstoppable.

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